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How the FogBuster Works

   Unlike common mist coolant systems, the FogBuster does not atomize coolant at the nozzle tip. Coolant is carried accurately with the air stream after leaving the nozzle and will produce a small spray pattern from several inches or more from its target. Because coolant is not atomized into a fine mist, it will not float into the surrounding shop air. With virtually all of the coolant being utilized on the part and tool, greater cooling and lubrication is achieved along with a reduction in coolant waste.

   The pictures below demonstrate the FogBusters wide range of coolant flow adjustment.
Weather you choose a heavy or light spray, the FogBuster will not atomize coolant into a fine mist.


   The picture above shows the unique spray of the FogBuster  at a light setting of approximately several drops per minute.

   As a demonstration you can do in your own shop, adjust the needle valve to a very light spray, point the nozzle at a flat surface 12 to 15 inches away and watch for a few seconds the small pattern of coolant the FogBuster will produce as shown below.

   In our tests the spray pattern will measure approx, 3 to 3 1/2  inches in diameter. Which is quite amazing. There is no other sprayer that can spray coolants this distance without most of the coolant floating into the shop air before reaching its target.

   FogBuster offers a wide range of coolant and air flows, will spray virtually any type of coolant or lubricant, and its unique high volume low pressure design operates on only 10 to 20 PSI.. Coolant flow is easily adjusted by a precision needle valve at the sprayer head, and can be set from very small amounts to a heavy spray to suit your job application. Air flow is adjusted at the air pressure regulator, and once flows are set sprayer operation is instant with the flip of an air toggle switch conveniently located on your machine or when called for in program. (Solenoid valves are available for CNC interface.)



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