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The FogBuster is a revolutionary non-fogging sprayer that uses Green

Technology to stop pollution in the work environment.

FogBuster Facts

   The FogBuster is a patented, low-pressure high volume sprayer that delivers a precisely
targeted spray to the cutter and work piece without fine atomizing of coolants, eliminating unwanted coolant mists or fogs that carry into the surrounding air, also reducing coolant waste.

   The FogBuster has led the way in “Green Technology.” Unlike common mist coolant systems, the FogBuster does not atomize coolant at the nozzle tip.  Coolant is carried accurately with the air stream after leaving the nozzle and will produce a small spray pattern from several inches or more from its target.  Because coolant is not atomized into a fine mist, it will not float into the surrounding shop air. With virtually all of the coolant being utilized on the part and tool, greater cooling and lubrication is achieved along with a reduction in coolant waste. Most importantly, eliminating airborne pollutants and the potential numerous health problems they may cause.

   What makes the FogBuster Unique?

Pictures tell the story.

   The pictures below were taken at the exact same camera settings. As you can see the difference is amazing. The FogBuster produces a unique spray of coolant drops that are too large to float into the surrounding air. The spray mister atomizes coolant so fine that you can lit
erally smell it in the air within seconds after turning it on.

Fogbuster spray - Emits drops too large to float into surrounding air.


Spray Mister - Emits fine mist or fog that contaminates surrounding air.

FogBuster Applications

   Excellent for milling, drilling, grinding, tapping, sawing, and lathe operations, the FogBuster increases tool life and improves material finishes by directing coolant accurately to the work piece along with a strong air flow that cools, clears chips, forces coolant into pockets and holes, allows faster cutting speeds, and keeps the work piece clean for fast, easy handling.

   FogBuster offers a wide range of independent coolant and air flow adjustment, uses virtually any type of coolant, and its unique high volume, low-pressure design operates on only 10 to 20 PSI. FogBuster's pressurized system delivers a reliable, uninterrupted flow of coolant to the work piece. It's instant on and off operation, and ease of adjustment, make it a real time saver.








   The FogBuster is also great for spraying light oils and lubricants in any number of applications such as, metal forming, rolling, stamping or wherever you need targeted lubrication.

   We are always eager to hear how you are using the FogBuster in your shop. If you would send us a description of your FogBuster application we would like to post it on our website, pictures are always good too! To Lee and everyone at Hench Mfg. there's nothing better than hearing the positive responses straight from the person using the FogBuster in their own shop, your descriptions are the best!

                                       History of the FogBuster

   Hench Manufacturing was established by Warren Hench in 1966. A job shop specializing in small parts, in quantities ranging from several hundred to several thousand pcs. His son Lee joined him in 1976.

In the early 90's after numerous complaints by Michael Dorais, head of the milling dept. about the spray mist systems they were using being undependable and creating a foggy oil mist that would cloud up the air in the entire milling area, Lee, having no idea that he would eventually create a product that would revolutionize the Coolant Spraying industry began experimenting with multiple sprayer prototypes until he finally found one that worked, better than he had hoped for. Realizing there were many other shops all over the country and possibly the world facing similar problems he refined his prototype until reaching the design that exits today. 

   Since then, Hench Mfg. has sold thousands of FogBusters to machine shops all over the United States, Canada and Europe, with such prestigious clients as Jet Propulsion Laboratories, Lawrence Livermore Labs, and Beckman Coulter Industries to name a few.

   Acknowledgment to Mom and Dad Lee will always be grateful for the chance to have worked and learned from his father Warren, and the patience and wisdom of his Mother, Helen. All the great things that have happened since would not have been possible without the hard work and sacrifices they made.

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The FogBuster is "Green Technology"
  Testimonials from Satisfied Clients
Before “Green Thinking” became a part of "Pop Culture", the FogBuster has been cleaning up the Air in California and the World since 1995!

 The FogBuster is the First Choice by prestigious clients like Jet Propulsion Laboratories in Pasadena, Ca and Lawrence Livermore Labs in Livermore, Ca.
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